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ZoeVogue is a personal style blog by me Zoe Phinazee with a focus on street style and curating a chic wardrobe. ZoeVogue aims to be a one-stop resource for women who are obsessed with fashion, trends, and street style but aren’t sure how to craft the perfect look themselves and fit it into their lifestyle. This blog will be more than just what to buy to achieve looking stylish but a guide on how to use your creativity, and resources to develop a stylish eye and create looks that will have you looking like a fashion insider. On this blog, you’ll learn how to build a chic wardrobe that will help you create any look you want without constantly having to buy items you’ll just throw out!


About Zoe

Born in Atlanta, GA, Zoe spent most of her youth in the small town of Jonesboro. She moved to Raleigh, NC in middle school and attended North Carolina State University to pursue Fashion and Marketing.  Go Wolfpack!

Zoe’s always had a flair for the dramatic and a passion for fashion which is why she started her fashion blog in 2011 to share her personality and showcase her personal style. Over the years, Zoe has gone through a lot of phases and spent a lot of money trying to achieve the perfect wardrobe. Now Zoe is sharing with you her tips and tricks to having one yourself without going through all the trouble!

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Zoe would love to collaborate with your brand. Please fill out this form. If you’re a reader of this blog and would like to connect or ask me a question you can email me at zpvogue@gmail.com  or leave me a comment on my Instagram @zoe_vogueNote that ZoeVogue is a personal style blog so I do not accept guest posts. But I’m open to any other type of blogger collaborations so if you have an idea shoot me an email!

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