How to Look Stylish While Wearing a Sweatshirt


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How to Look Stylish While Wearing a Sweatshirt

Have a long day but can’t be bothered to try hard looking nice? What if you do want to look nice but be comfortable too? What if I told you, you could look stylish wearing a sweatshirt? Well, believe it. It’s actually not super complicated. The key to looking effortless while feeling comfortable is easier than you think!

The number 1 Secret to looking Stylish in a Sweatshirt?

Adding a little bit of Lipstick!

That’s it!

Actually, the key to mastering any casual look is putting a teeny tiny bit of effort into your makeup and hair routine. If your face is on point, you can get away with wearing sweatshirts, jeans, and a tee, heck even a robe (okay, that’s taking it too far). That’s how so many fashion it-girls always look so put together in their effortless chic outfits.

But I thought you said this would be effortless?

Hey now, looking decent requires a little effort, not a lot but some okay. From the time you save by rolling up out of bed in your comfiest sweatshirt, you can spend an extra five minutes swiping on some hot red lipstick or a vampy plum like I did. If your hair isn’t looking so good, my go to is my trusty baseball caps. Extra style points if you wear one that’s faux suede or leather. Other effortless hair styles in 2017 are top knots like my space princess buns pictured or try a high ponytail. It’s up to you, but my recommendation is to go for a high ponytail rather than a low ponytail. There’s just something much for fashion-y about a sleek high one than a casual college girl low one.

Sweatpants and Sweatshirt a Stylish Combo?

With the rise in popularity of the Instagram Baddie look, it’s never been easier to look stylish wearing a sweatshirt and sweatpants, a match made in cozy fashion heaven! Be careful in it being too baggy and oversized though or the chic-ness will get lost in all that extra fabric! I would recommend wearing sweatpants with a sweatshirt only if the sweatshirt is cropped or fitted at the waistline.  Other easy effortless options to pair with a sweatshirt are

  • skinny jeans
  • leggings
  • Adidas pants

I know easy right!

Let’s recap!

How to look Stylish in a Sweatshirt

  • Put on a little lipstick and you’re instantly effortless
  • Rock a Chic and Easy hairstyle like a high ponytail or top knots
  • Rock A cropped sweatshirt with sweatpants or an oversized one with skinny jeans, leggings, or fitted Adidas pants
  • Bonus! Take it to the next level with Thigh high boots and Oversized Denim Jacket

Pretty simple trick and I’m pretty sure most of you have a sweatshirt lying around in your closet already so no money spent. Go ahead and take that extra five minutes of worrying about how to get dressed in the morning to snooze a little bit- Now you know the trick to looking effortless while staying comfy!

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