My Dream 2018 Year


Hey guys! Welcome back to ZoeVogue. Today, I’ve got one more new year post for ya. My last post was a review of lessons I learned in 2017. This post will be about what my goals are going to be for 2018. I stopped believing in New Years Resolutions because I believe they don’t work and if you have goals you want to accomplish or want to improve yourself you shouldn’t wait until January first. However, I still think it’s important to visualize your goals or write them out to hold yourself accountable and inspire you. I think it’s also true what they say that if you speak your dreams and believe they will happen, then they will. (If you put in work of course.) Now without further ado, my goals for 2018! This is also an outfit post, so I hope you enjoy this fun look I’ve been really excited to show ya’ll from my trip to NY.


I want to spend more on experiences traveling to beautiful locations than on material possessions. Here’s a list of places I want to go

  • *New York ( didn’t spend enough time there ! I need more of you New York !)
  • Arizona ( my best friend just moved there)
  • California (if I’m gonna go to Arizona may as well go to Cali as well!
  • Mykonos ( its so beautiful and the white architecture is perfect for Instagram lol, I desperately want to go )


*One of my goals for 2018 is to go back to New York. I would like to go back in either February or September during fashion week. It would be so awesome to get invited to a show or be able to go for work but if not I would just like to go to capture some of the street style with my new camera! I’m not sure if I can make it happen because money will be a little tight with paying for my new first apartment but we’ll see, if not Feb. then def Sept.

My blog

This is a huge area of growth I want to see in 2018 as my blog is my passion and hopefully a future full-time job. I want my blog to grow exponentially this year. What I mean by that, is that I continue posting consistently ( since October, yay me! ), gain followers who actually read my blog. Stand out from other fashion bloggers by presenting my unique voice and perspective. I want to do this by incorporating my personal posts that showcase my personality and perspectives as well as incorporating YouTube videos that do the same thing. Work with brands that will take me from amateur to pro blogger and continue improving my blog photos. I’ve had the pleasure of working with a talented photographer from my time in New York and one here in Raleigh. I look forward to finding one in Greensboro as well as taking better self-portraits with my new camera! Numerically I want all my hard work to show with 1000 followers on each of my social platforms including email subscriptions! #girlboss


New City New Job

I just moved to Greensboro for a new job and I’m super excited about it, but also pretty nervous. This will be my first job that is not retail, and I’m nervous I won’t know what I’m doing! I don’t know how long I’ll be staying In Greensboro but I hope however long, I’ll make it count. My goal is to make friends in my neighborhood at work and anywhere really because staying alone and isolated just isn’t an option. Greensboro isn’t my first choice of residence ( hello NYC and DC, city girl here ) but I’m excited to make it my temporary home and to kill it at work!


Better Money Management

I’m a fashion girl. So I love to shop. With the money I have and money that I well, don’t. This year I’m going to make it a point of making sure all my bills are paid and to pay off my debt. Having to put more money toward housing and having less to spend will help me budget my money better this year. (Hopefully)

Spiritual and Physical Health

I always want to work my on spiritual and physical health but consistency has been a big problem for me that and self-discipline. In Galatians, self discipline ( control ) is one of the fruits of the spirit, and it is the one I want to develop the most. Ways to improve on areas of consistency is to realistically see how it could fit into your day. So for me here are ways I can fit my goals into my daily life. I’m not going to pressure myself to do accomplish a certain amount a week. I tried last year and I just couldn’t motivate myself to do it.

  • Read bible while eating breakfast
  • Find a church in Greensboro and make an effort to go
  • Daily prayer before bed
  • Morning walk or run before leaving for work
  • Continue to monitor meals on MyFitnessPal.

Mental Health

I do not want to compare myself to others. I do not want to live by my emotions because the human heart is flawed. It means don’t shop because I’m sad or bored, work out and read my bible even though I don’t feel like it and don’t see my life through the lens of comparison.


Keep in touch with my family and friends who aren’t nearby with frequent phone calls and texts. I recently felt like maybe friends are only supposed to be in your life a certain time, people change and grow and move so we have to constantly re-adapt so the friends you had before may not be the same friends you have later. With that being said I’m excited to start over and make new friends but there are still a few people in my life I want to stay in contact with.

Outfit Details

Jumpsuit: Target (Purchased second hand)

Blouse: BooHoo

Necklace: Secondhand

Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell (Second hand)

Earrings: H&M


I hope this post encourages you to write down all your goals and aspirations and really visualize where you see yourself this year. Let me know what you thought in the comments!




  1. January 23, 2018 / 7:08 PM

    Gorgeous post Gorgeous you. Loved the outfit. xoxo Cris

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