Inspiring Videos That will Motivate you to Achieve your Dreams

This week I have been so inspired. First, a little background. I’m a senior in college about to graduate in a month. I’ve got no job prospects, no clue what I’m going to do when I graduate and it’s seriously, so freaking scary. I have dreams but I’m not sure how to get them. I have debt that I’m not sure how I’m going to pay. And the worst thing I could’ve imagined having after I graduated was a retail job after all my hard work obtaining a degree in Fashion and Textile Management.


But you know what it’s okay. I just got a part-time retail job late last month and I couldn’t be more grateful. I need the money and experience now, and I know a job doesn’t define me so it’s okay. I don’t have my life’s plans all figured out right now and that’s okay too.


But anyway that doesn’t mean I’m not still stressed about all this student debt and having serious envy over my classmates getting internships and job acceptances in New York already and I’m sitting here like, nobody wants me. And it’s always been my dream to live and work in New York, but how am I supposed to do it with no real job or money and all this student debt? I don’t know yet, but if New York is my dream, I know I need to make it happen.

And as I said I’ve been watching a lot of videos that have truly been inspiring me and I wanted to share them with you all, whether you’re about to graduate or you’re stuck in a job you don’t like, these tips are for everyone. And the one thing I’ve learned from all these people is that you only have one life, so stop making excuses and work hard now, do what you love.

So earlier in the week, I watched a video from someone I subscribed to on Youtube on how she lived in New York, and that inspired me to search more videos like that because New York is expensive and I just wanted to see how some people manage to afford it. I ended up finding a video called The Cheapest Rent in New York City by this girl named Jo who has a channel with her best friend Damon called DamonandJo and they are as hilarious as they are inspiring. They have this amazing mindset they call Shut up and Go because they prioritize traveling the world and creating amazing life experiences so that when they’re older, they’re not thinking about ‘Oh I owned so much great stuff’ but ‘I had an amazing life’. So they’re willing to live cheap, and when they want to go, they just do so because they’re not tied down to material possessions like cars, mortgages, or 9-5 jobs. They traveled to so many places, lived in hostels, slept in airports, their lives are just so adventurous.

I consider myself a creature of habit and comfort and safety, but I’ve just been craving something more fulfilling in life and although I may not want to go to as many places as they do, I do want to travel and I’ve had a deeper desire to go to New York starting in December when my friend told me she can drive and we can go together, and I’ve since had other people who are interested, and it just makes it feel so much more tangible and real. So I’m not sure how exactly, but I WILL visit New York this summer. And yeah, these guys really inspired me to definitely do it, and not to overlook cheaper options like staying in hostels or crashing on someone’s couch.

I was on Linked-in adding fashion bloggers to my network and I saw this girl named Erika Fox who had a blog called Retro Flame, and I was like that sounds familiar. That’s because I had obsessed over her blog, and her interior decor a while ago and forgot, so I rediscovered her again and am equally obsessed. I love her style, even though my style is a little edgier, I really appreciate a style like hers that’s classy and effortless. Anyways, yeah she’s a fashion and lifestyle blogger who’s actually from Ireland but she moved to New York, so she also has a lot of posts about living in New York and they’re really helpful and is also amping up my desire to go. She has a Youtube channel as well, where she shares more of this advice and also advice about achieving your dreams by working hard during that 5 pm to 1 or 2 or 3 am. She had a full-time job in fashion but she ended up quitting and doing her blog full-time. I feel like, I would love that, being a fashion blogger full-time in New York, so definitely check out her videos.

This last video, she tells us the biggest advice she’s learned from Gary Vee, who is a very successful social media expert who’s very blunt and real about how to be successful. I’ve seen him once before on a Youtube Ad, and I was like, who is this guy yelling at me to stop saying I’ll work on my dreams later and to just do it, then I found him again through Erika, and I’m hooked, careful he swears a lot but it’s really motivating me to really work on this blog, figure out what I want to do and get to New York.

“Every second you think about what somebody else has is taking away from time that you can create something for yourself.”

This video really makes you look in. It’s really uncomfortable watching this one actually because it feels like he’s talking to you too. ( or at least that’s how I felt, huge wake-up call)

I hope you guys found these videos inspiring, but I must admit, they were mostly for me to keep myself motivated because I’m a type of person to get jealous or envious and easily want to give up or not care and just Netflix, but I’m so tired of that mindset. It’s no way to live life, especially as a child of God because He wants us to have life and life abundantly. I’m so tired of doubting myself and comparing myself with others and I really want to hustle, work hard to make the most out of life, spiritually, health-wise, and career-wise. I’m no expert. I’m still in the process of getting to where I want to be, but I’m excited to learn and grow and to look back on this post in a year to see how far I’ve come.

Are you willing to put in a little effort to achieve your dreams? I hope these videos inspire you like they inspired me.  And don’t forget, that’s it’s a-ok to not know what you’re going to be doing with the rest of your life at this very moment.  And I hope you’ll take this journey with me as we all journey to discover ourselves and our passion.


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