Ultimate Last Minute Christmas Gift Guide 2017

Hey guys! Welcome back to ZoeVogue! In this post, I’m giving my very first gift guide on this blog!

I think everyone loves Christmas because they love giving gifts. And it’s true! Giving people you care about special gifts and seeing them open them feels amazing! But what if you don’t know what to give them and you’re running out of time! Christmas is in 4 days! Don’t panic because in this ultimate holiday gift guide for 2017 guide I’m going to give you tips for finding the perfect last minute gifts and my suggestions for the perfect bonus gifts and stocking stuffers!


Tip #1 If you’re not using Amazon Prime, what are you doing with your life!

If you need to order someone something online amazon prime’s 2-day shipping will save your life. You can be sure you can find whatever you need and that it will get to you on time!

Tip #2 Get merch from their favorite TV Show, Music Artist, or Meme

Nothing feels better than getting a gift from someone who knows your interests. I love The Office and if someone were to get me a t-shirt with a quote from it, I’d be so happy! So just think of who their favorite artist is, maybe they like Ariana Grande. She has some super cute cat ear headphones at Macy’s! Maybe you share a meme or inside joke with someone you can print it out on a t-shirt!

But ya’ll, speaking of Macy’s, I’ve been in there like four times getting gifts. The deals are so good right now especially if you have a Macy’s card. I got Moose Munch, Ornaments, Clothes, kitchenware. You know there’s everything but if you’re looking for great deals head there.

Tip #3 Gift Sets

This time of year, stores got your back for gifting. They package things together to make perfect gifts. For the ladies in your life, there are perfume, body lotion, and body wash sets. They have some good deals at Ulta! For the men in your life, you can find ties, bow ties, and clip sets. If you don’t exactly like everything that comes in the set, you can create your own sets! You can put together fun little goodies like you’re sending someone a gift package who’s away at college. You can create your own themes like University or Marvel and get a bunch of little goodies related to your theme to make it really fun! You can get pretty creative!

Tip #4 Put together an ultimate lazy day Gift Set

I really like the idea of putting together your own gift sets, because they can be done cheaply yet be super thoughtful and personal! You can get stuff from Target, Dollar Tree, Five Below ( have you heard of that store, they sell everything five dollars and below if you haven’t figured it out!) But an ultimate lazy day gift set would include a nice plush blanket, maybe a PJ set, a gift card for Itunes or Google Play, or a DVD. They’d be all set for a cozy night in!

Tip #5 Gift Cards

Fast. Easy. Don’t even have to think about it. I love getting gift cards as gifts, but they’re not quite as personal as my other suggestions and I know that’s a reason a lot of people are apprehensive about giving one. But if you include it in a set like I mentioned earlier or package it as an experience it could still be thoughtful. For example, you can give someone a gift card to a nice Italian restaurant, you can gift them a nice dainty shawl and some earrings for them to wear to the restaurant as well. Or you can just get a gift card. No one turns down free money.

Tip #6 Subscription Services

Hulu. Netflix. Apple Music. Whatever. This is the age of subscription services. Everything is a subscription; entertainment, food, clothing, makeup. These are great gifts because these are things we use and love every day. I still use my parents Hulu and Netflix but I know without it, I’d be lost, so if someone bought me a subscription I’d be eternally grateful.

Tip #7 DIY decor

Remember when you were a kid and gave those lame homemade gifts for Christmas? You can still do so as an adult, but they won’t become box in the attic material anymore! If you don’t have much money and are a creative type make some Pinterest inspired room decor. Google quotes or Tumblr art and choose the one you think they would like and take your acrylic paints and paint on simple copy paper. Then you can find simple frames at the dollar tree and walla you have a thoughtful but inexpensive gift! You can make tons of these!

Tip #8 Winter Accessories and Cashmere Sweaters

If you’re in a rush and don’t really want to put in much effort, you can go the safe route and get a selection of gloves, hats, earmuffs,  scarves, and cashmere sweaters. A safe yet practical gift that is much appreciated every time! Stuff is usually my go-to for my grandma with a specific taste that’s hard to map out.

Tip #9 Snacks

Don’t overestimate the power of giving food. I know it might be kinda weird, but in my family, we love asking for and giving snacks. We all have our favorite foods so when we gift them to each other it feels like a fun extra bonus gift you can munch on while enjoying whatever else we got. My dad asks for Cheez-its. My sister asks for Debbie Cakes. And I ask for mac and cheese. Every year. And it’s awesome. If this is not something you do in your family or with your friends, gifting them a box Oreo cookies could become a funny and amusing new tradition!

Tip # 10 Phone Accessories

Who doesn’t love their smartphone these days? That’s why it’s an easy idea to run to the local kiosks in your mall and pick out a fun phone case, or an extra long charging cable.

Tip #11 Avoid the Crowd

No sh*t Sherlock. But trust me, I went this past Monday to the Target and a few other places and it was packed. One because it was a week before Christmas and two it was after work hours so everyone was there. To avoid the crowds of course shop online (but then there’s delivery time to worry about) or if you can go during the morning from like 10 -12 when it’ll be less busy, you’ll save yourself time and stress.

Tip #12 Don’t Stress about Money

As you’ve probably heard before. It’s the thought that counts. And learn from my current situation and don’t go broke buying gifts.


Basically, you’ve probably gathered from these tips that I love bonus gifts! Snacks, candies, little toys and beauty products are so fun to give and receive as gifts but if you’ve already bought your main gifts, I suggest using these tips for stocking stuffers too because they’re fun and fit right in a stocking! Click below for all my fun little gift suggestions! Thanks for reading and I really hope you all found this helpful, or anyone did! Happy shopping and Merry Christmas!


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  1. December 25, 2017 / 8:41 PM

    I love giving people merch from their favorite shows/musical artist/whatever, as it makes them like you really do pay attention to what they enjoy. Personally, I love getting subscription services. Especially if it’s something like Spotify or Netflix that I spend money on anyway, it’s nice to know that I won’t have to pay anything for a few months.

  2. December 23, 2017 / 9:51 PM

    I love the idea of gifting a subscription service! I’m actually doing that for 2 people on my list this year. A friend gifted me a Birchbox subscription 2 years ago and it was so much fun!!

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